Daily guidance

” What we plant in the soil of contemplation we shall reap in the harvest of action”

Meister Eckhart

Good morning World!

I don’t solely mean the Tarot card I’m currently journeying with.

But the early sunrise I managed to see

My sleeping dog dreaming

The flowers and trees stretching

The day wakening

Although I fight it, getting up early for me is a game changer

I achieve much

On many levels

Physically, spiritually, emotionally

This morning after prayers and healing I shuffled the Tarot from an “awakened” space

Looking outside at the light and dark horizon, hearing the birdsong alarm, I selected or rather recieved the card given to me, having jumped out the pack, from behind the Four of Pentacles.

Tuning into the unknown image placing it pointing down towards the Earth I felt the desire to ground this energy now.

Visualising a large frog, sat watching me, from another deck, known as contemplation I asked for a message.

Hearing “all decks are the same it is about the message within” I turned over the King of Pentacles, underneath which sat the Ace of Pentacles.

Today take a moment to recieve

From an abundant space

Contemplate what you are being given

When ready release it into the World.

May we all connect to the magic of Ayni within and around us (a link of how to can be found in the services section)

In munay



Are you ready to recieve your Soul’s abundance?


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