Daily guidance

“Only do what only you can do”

Andy Stanley

Yesterday I felt so determined!

This morning I’ve fallen flat!

Many external circumstances blocking movement

No immediate answers

But one obvious energy


The card I’m currently journeying with

Do I see my situation as walls

Out of my control

Or listen to the calling within me to look at my own communication

Shuffling the Tarot, knowing my dreams, hopes, wishes are going to take great determination, I randomly selected from behind the Ten of cups

This wasn’t anything I didn’t know

But 2022 has taken, for me, this reality to a whole other level.

To initiate a rise within me

To stretch and grow beyond my own limitations

Tuning into the unknown image, visualising the Ace of Wands in my hand I recieved ” hold this steady, your will, let this guide you forward”

The card was the Six of Wands.

Today look at what you wish to achieve

Match your own vibration accordingly

Only you can do it.

May we all feel this empowered truth within us.

In munay

What is it only you can do now?




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