Daily guidance

Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along

Rae Smith

I’m on The Sun card today

Despite it shinning outside I don’t feel the light

Least not how I expected

It’s been a year since mum passed

My physical body is grieving.

Raw, naked, vulnerable

I’ve ridden the emotions

For the pure love they are

The feelings are the one and the same

Grief and love

Endings and beginning

The identifical white horse riden by both Death and The Sun.

The difference, experiencing them.

It is this that reopens us to the light we are.

The children of Pachamama

The Innocence that comes from putting flesh on the bones of life

Shuffling the Tarot this morning hearing from my beloved “The world has moved on, so must you love” I randomly selected from behind the Page of Wands

Tuning into the unknown image, gazing at a picture, my son, a child, holding a Teddy bear I recieved “I’m always by side, let’s do this love”

The card was the Five of Wands

Today allow yourself the freedom to feel

Feed your growth with these emotions

Rebuild from your true essence

May we all remove the walls that stop our unique light from blooming.

In munay



What emotions can help you rebuild now?


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