Daily guidance

“The womb has a consciousness of its own”

Melanie Swan

I’m definitely on the Moon card!

Dreams of my Portuguese Gt. Grandmother handing me something to my womb

Facebook memories of a time I was experiencing PTSD and questioning my own reality

A dark gloomy atmosphere outside and my own tired heaviness.

I have seen many potential synchronicities from beyond the veil of illusion and know I can decide which ones are relevant to my own awareness

So much has shifted with how I create with the eternal womb that is Pachamama

Today I plan to experience and write about the Cosmic sacral.

The grandmother moon, the Stars, the United verse within us

But first as always, this morning I shuffled the Tarot.

Wondering what my womb would say if she could speak, I randomly selected from behind the Magician as the Ace of Cups fell out.

Tuning into the unknown image resting on my womb I heard the song “lay your hands on me” from Bon Jovi

Doing so I recieved from a now healed, prepared womb, my Ancestors and all around me ” connect to this Sacred creative centre within you”

The card was The Queen of Wands

Today lay your hands on your centre

Your core

Your being as a creator


May we all recognise this Sacred space within space and the true magic found within us all

In munay



What and where are you creating from?


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