Daily guidance

“Stay the course, light a star, change the World, where you are”

Richard L Gallienne

I’ve not really seen The Star card today despite journeying with it.

Infact I’ve gone backwards to locate any images.

But I’ve felt it!

Shinning with “too much” passion at college yesterday ironically while discussing goal setting I have recognised this is no longer a pain point for me.

Humbled by the incredible support I have around me in family and friends urging me to be myself, not dim or burn out.

I can sense the endings that have had to occur in the past to see this all.

After all stars are only visible years after they have died.

Something many forget when connecting to this Archetype

For one vision to be seen others must no longer be a reality

Taking a moment to reflect on this, looking over photos of the past, knowing who and what is important to me, I shuffled the Tarot.

Noting all the cards were converted in stars in underneath it all.

Hearing ” what guides you forward now” randomly selecting from behind the eight of cups, I tuned into the unknown image.

Energy expanded yet grounded, I wondered how cool it would be if the energy I held, urging me on was The Star as I recieved “it always is”

The card was the King of Pentacles.

Today shine

Every day shine

In all your losses and gains

In every step you take

This really is the only abundance

May we all be comfortable in our own Sovereignty and move forward from anything that isn’t.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to step into who you really are?


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