Daily guidance

“The secret to enlightenment is to lighten up. Whether you are talking rock or women, all there.”

Steven Tyler

Happy Imbolc

New Moon in Aquarius

Chinese New year of the WATER dragon

The emphasis…. water…flow… intuition

Providing space for expansion of the greater vision for humanity

I had the most wonderful lie in this morning

Stretching my body, breaking through any restrictive guilt

Opening to the blossoming unfurling seeds within me

All with a light humour

To be expected

I slept with The Devil last night!

The card, under my pillow!

Aware of his energy yesterday, scenes in movies and stabbing my own hand trying to remove a seed from unripened fruit this morning I have been marked

A cross in my palm, on the mound of Jupiter having bled along my heart line.

A wound so small yet deep it has hurt my tendons and muscles, leaving my fingers adopting the Devil pose.

My dreams last night further embodied this energy, including temptations from Russell Brand to eating eggs!

All bad for me

Yet I knew this

What I hadn’t counted on was the trickster joyful energy behind them all

Shuffling the Tarot this morning selecting from behind the Knight of Wands I tuned into the unknown image in my damaged hands.

Hearing nursery ryhmes I couldn’t help but return to the image of the pleading priest on the Death card.

Much as I loved the childlike energy

Asking for a message I recieved “you need to lighten up”

The card was the Page of Cups

Today allow your heart to expand towards a greater vision

Hold space for all that is coming to light

Have fun with the shifts occurring

The dance of light and dark within you

May we all open and embody the lightbringers we are by facing our smallest deepest wounds with awareness and joy.

In munay



What wounds are ready to be in-ligtened within you?


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