Weekly energy reading

“ To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem”

Carl Jung

Leading into the new moon and Imbolc we have a week of looking at our own focus and visions to ask the right questions( video below.)

There appears to be some clearing of energy in relation to our connection to Pachamama, the mother when considering giving and receiving.

But this is shifting naturally, awareness is all that is required now.

Including my own “Freudian slip” at 22 minutes  when I actually meant we can’t create without the Universe not with!

Look into any beliefs around co-collaboration this week that may need to be seen to bring your energy back into focus,

Many planted seeds are about to open in our consciousness

But first there is an opportunity to examine previous experiences in regard to change.

Remember an awareness of what is occurring externally is irrelevant if we do not know what is happening within us.

We interpret from where we are!

We are being guided to remove any complications with communication by recognising the sacredness of what we are reading into, here we can gain deeper more grounded focused progression.

Despite what may be occurring, this week highlights exactly that, we are growing into the higher vision of the collective.

By stepping into the power of becoming our own karma, with every decision we make, we can acknowledge the anonymous angels in our life that continue to support our potential, ourselves included.

Can we keep our hearts light in all we do.

Asking for clarity before charging in from an ego perspective of the past.

Only by sitting with our vision, embodying it and remaining open to divine guidance.

How each of us experiences sovereignty is unique, let us empower this with patience, recognition, and acceptance now.

We are being reminded to look and deeply connect to the energies that carry us forward including our physical vessel- here we can know if we are truly ready for the change we are seeking in our hearts and face any insecurities with nurture for the intuitive training they bring.

By going into our concerns and worries we can decide what we need, become specific with the questions now required and seek the answers that define our own Soul.

Uncertainty can be a catalyst for change.

If we can have peace not war with this, our journey, the battles and trauma, the healing and who we all are within the bigger vision- we are able to finally begin to move forward as we lead into the month of February.

Until next time

In munay



What do you need clarity on?

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