Daily guidance

Be patient with your heart you are learning to come back to yourself”



What a name

What a process

To die man!

Today has been so emotional.

Working with the Death card is always a Soul changing honour

That’s the beauty of truly embodying the Tarot

Opening to the wisdom of the images we open ourselves not only to the collective subconscious but the unconscious Archetypes within us

Allowing the full potential or Soul of their/ our messages to become known.

I’ve always connected to Death

I have felt this energy by my side in all I do.

The ultimate midwife of change, returning all to its source.

With every beginning there has always been an ending

A Sacred rites of passage

Today I am aware of the past I have grieved for and the nudge of my patient friend urging me beyond the same repetitive distractions pleading to be heard.

Infront of me, all around me, despite a coldness I have never known, all I see is light.

The sun beating through my window, the awareness rising within me.


The true gift of Death

Shuffling the Tarot randomly selecting from behind the Four of cups, I tuned in this morning to the unknown image in my hand.

Visualising a blue cloth, a blue flame around me now, recalling my dear friends words “you know the Tarot, they speak to you” I asked for a message

Recieving ” no, you know who you are, share this” I turned over the six of Pentacles

Today remember all is a reflection of you within the subconscious

Tarot included

To understand the dialect, remember your own language

Who you are, and share this accordingly

Many deaths are occurring of what was but all are to highlight your life and role here.

May we all embrace the endings now required for the gift they truly are.

In munay



Do you recognise the gift you are?


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