Daily guidance

“The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Snr.

This morning has been interesting I am traveling with Justice, have felt her in my dreams and todays newspaper reports, yet I have also been surrounded by cat messages.

To be expected.

Strength once stood where Justice now sits in the order of our Souls journey

But I am also aware of the Hanged Man, having trapped my foot in a closing door distracted by the changing weather outside.

Alongside the Wheel of Fortune, currently moving within my heart.

Again no surprise as Venus plans to leave retrograde tomorrow

The scales by which we are measured, how we love ourselves and each other.

The light this actually is or brings

I am reminded this morning of the Sword of Truth in the hand of Justice and the need for a more grounded position if I am to hold court and witness today.

Shuffling the Tarot, my own pen now empty, looking around me for signs I recieved “these are old messages, if you want new, wait for the new”

Randomly selecting from behind Death, tuning into the unknown card in my hand, I heard the nursery ryhme, this old man.

Visualising the Queen of Cups, her throne, with the curtain of Justice behind it I heard “what is behind you now”

The card was The Hanged Man, reversed so ironically upright.

Today take time to see things for what they actually are

Not what they were or could b

eLet this be the biggest insight behind any beginnings or endings you strive for

May we all move forward from what is now in the past, using the in-lightenment gained as our truth.

In munay



What can you let go of now to bring the balance of your own truth?


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