Daily guidance

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”

William Shakespeare

I guess I moved onto the Hermit card last night when my husband changed the bathroom bulb

But it didn’t really feel all that relevant, a small step.

Granted its been a long time coming, figuring out what held it in place, but I knew it was going to happen one day.

This knowing echoed through the film final destination five, going back to where it all started

Something I could relate to having finished an essay on change concerning the last two decades.

But even this felt external, mountains of a journey now behind me.

Waking this morning tired yet determined I found myself focusing on the Star within the Hermits lamp.

The vision behind it all, the light now held within all the darkness that had occured.

Listening to this guidance hearing “wisdom is the knowing which actions to take” I began to rebuild.

Contacting the smoking clinic, chasing my biopsy results and finally shuffling the Tarot to guide the path forward.

The song any way you want it by Journey ringing in my ears, I selected randomly from behind the Star.

Tuning into the unknown image, my gaze directed to an ornament beside me, heart in outstretched hands I recieved “take care of this precious gift, let your heart be your guiding star”

The card was the Ace of Pentacles

Today take a moment to go within

Give thanks for your journey

With love and gratitude

From here find the light that now illuminates your path.

Chances are it was there all along!

May we all connect to the deeper wisdom behind our endurances and from this higher vision guide each other back to the heart.

In munay



What actions can now guide you?


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