Daily guidance

“Potential is not an end point but a capacity to grow and learn”

Eileen Kennedy

A day of Strength

An overactive mind

A painful body

Reflection of traumas and their impact on change now needed

The recognition this is all part of my own Souls journey

That it is up to me to take the steps needed

All whilst walking with the Strength card!

Yep, today has been a humdinger, deep dive into my own Soul

A Divine and natural process for me, being Astrologically linked to this vibration.

Like the daily guidance I seek, within, around me and through the Tarot.

Selecting this morning from behind the Queen of Cups, my body felt dizzy as I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

I could sense my own higher, future energy waiting to step in, if only I would allow it.

Grounding deep into my core I saw Metatrons cube of creation in my hands as I was asked to look at where I am upon my own tree of life.

Immediately sensing my Solar plexus full of energy I recieved “you have built great potential, it is time to bring it down to Earth now”

The card was the Knight of Pentacles.

Today feel into your body

Where is your energy

What guidance are you recieving

How can you create this into reality

May we all recognise the gifts we are here to share by embracing the Strength it has taken to remember them.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to share your own potential?


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