Weekly energy report

“Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free”

Robert Jew

This week,s video ( see below) highlights how we are being asked to redefine our truths, our morals, now necessary for our Souls development.

It’s time to catch up with our true reality now by fine tuning our inner-tuition.

This will come by embodying what is occurring and has occurred within our body.

There are many monumental shifts happening physically all to aid the release of any excess stories within many dimensions.

The contracts and timelines have changed, we are being guided to integrate these now by recognising where we may be holding on within our own physical form.

Breakthrough requires growth and expansion; many will feel the shift just as the seeds gifted by our souls begin to crack open in time for Imbolc.

Our body knows what it needs, it is up to us to remember this and redevelop our divine connection to our physical vessel, here we will strengthen how we relate to ourselves and each other.

This week highlights a need to look at what is at our core, the centre of our own Medicine wheel, the Souls journey, what we have discovered and allow this wisdom to guide us forward.

Everything will be questioned as these energetic transitions occur within some if not all of our energy centres, it is suggested we pause and reflect in order to profoundly move forward with the following:

Are our surroundings and relationships empowering or restrictive and where does this come from.
How do we relate to these aspects.
Are they relevant anymore on our current timeline.

There is a significant difference between understanding and knowing that can only come from in-bodying our experience, necessary before we share what we have discovered.

We are currently on a vision quest with our own parallel realities and it is up to us to decide which reality we are now delivering.

This is not a re-birth.

But a whole new conception, gestation and deliverance from our evolved minds, bodies and souls it is this focus that will streamline our journey now.

Remember the biggest change comes from the decision to recognise there has and always will be change!
Until next time

In munay



Are you ready to embody your own truth?

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