Daily guidance

Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates

What a surname!

Movement that strengthens the core!

I’ve needed that these last few days

A chance to pause, dig deep, find my own Strength and answers to how to best move forward

They have come from my mind

That negative place I used to avoid

Seeing it as procrastination or pity

Now a wealth of Divine inspiration

From myself, my own guidance reflected

This morning, aware of how much I wish to shift and the courage needed it did feel overwhelming

So I went deeper

Into the attitude behind it all

The core

The mindset

Here I shuffled the Tarot.

Looking out my window at the sunshine I selected randomly from behind the two of Wands, an image doing exactly the same, with Strength poking it’s head out from underneath.

Tuning into my body, unknown card in hand I felt a monumental promise of Spring.

Such potential and magic

My mind felt excited and baffled at the same time

Asking for a message I recieved ” what will be will be, let your thoughts be free, then pick the ones you really like and bring them home to me”

The card was the Eight of Swords

Today may you have the courage to want movement

The Strength to be in what is

And the mental core to provide the answers within you

May we all heal from what was by seeing what now is and could be.

In deepest munay



What strength do you need to move forward?


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