Daily guidance

“If we could actually hear what an animal thinks, if they could talk to us, we would cry aloud and beg forgiveness”

April Peerless

What a surname!


Can you imagine!

No peers, no pressure, yet also no guidance.

I brought her home last night.


Mother, sister Jaguar.

She had much to say within the seed now planted inside my womb space.

How I had forgot to hear the animals

Not around me but within

My own “roar” salka

In trying to share these rites of initiation through my daily life, I had succumbed to my peers.

Externally and internally

Yesterday, this brought me to my knees.

Gloriously I begged for forgiveness

To jaguar, to the munayki, to my Soul and the lineage of healers and guides that had done just that.

Uncomfortably showed me my shadow

This morning, waking renewed, aware the next stage is now to physically pass on these great expanding portals of unconditional love for the time to come

I felt somewhat daunted

So much to write

Calling upon Jaguar for courage and balance I shuffled the Tarot.

Selecting from behind the Ten of Pentacles, tuning into my body I connected to the unknown card now resting on my sacral.

Ice cold, finding myself within the Apus, Spirit of the mountains, I felt the long journey I had walked.

It had been a necessary rite.

Surrounded by guides, I immediately connected to my own keeper of wisdom.

Flooded with relief the path back down to manifesting in the physical felt much brighterFull of joy, I asked for a message and recieved “what message is there other than joy!

“The card was the Nine of Swords, underneath it sat my own internal animal, Strength.

Today look at what you are sharing and from where

Is it wild, free, untamed

Or have you become domesticated

May we all listen with our animal senses and track our place upon the womb of Pachamama with ease, grace and the courage it takes to open our heart fully to the abundance of life.

In munay



Are you ready to embrace your “inner wild”


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