Weekly energy report

“Meet me in the middle of your story when your Soul is worn but wise”Angie Weiland Crosby

A week of reflection, ( full video below) the spotlight is on us in all that is being mirrored.

We are being asked to look at what story we share, how and the impact it has on what we receive.

Does it coincide with the divine guidance being gifted.

Can we see what is being shown is to aid a deeper perception of our souls.

To embody our own Spirituality.

This year we will see a rise in our own connection to our own Soul and how to limit or empower this through physical senses.

Can we be more observant to everything around us and step into our own shamanic awareness to receive the medicine available.

Spirituality comes from within, the door or portal to our own potential and is available to all who are ready to step through themselves now.

Many shifts, changes and downloads are occurring this week that will trigger our ability to hope.

Can we acknowledge where we are and embrace our own deliverance by rewiring our connection to the inner sight and deeper healing available or are we going to “blow up”

We are being guided to reflect on our ability to hold balance, the middle ground or chakana/ bridge to what we wish to manifest from now until March where true changes will be seen.

Can we drink from the elixir of life by allowing the natural transformation of experiencing it to occur.

Ironically halfway the “world” card was actually the Wheel, shifts occur when we remember our Souls place here!

We are being asked to retrieve all aspects of ourselves we have pushed to one side from judgement, a retrieval of the collective Soul within.

We can’t be “too hopeful” this week, the sky is the limit or at least our minds view of it, and we will be tested on our beliefs!

Do we have the courage to hold the light and receive the gifts of the last few years.

It was never about the vision but the energy we connect to, and how, the very Soul of all things.

May we all recognise the beauty of our own Souls bringing this divinity down in all we do, here we can experience ourselves through the senses of our own higher connection.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to deliver your own soul?


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