Daily guidance

” You have to create boundaries of space, then you have to create boundaries of time”

John Cleese

Today feels like a day to flow, relax, do and be as needed.

I would have once, naively, called the energy a non starter.

From a place where I lacked boundaries

To others and most importantly my over achieving self.

I now know this vibration holds the greatest potential

I have many plans, but in theory they don’t start until next week so I am making time for anything that is called of me.

This includes research into an upcoming talk on Spirituality and mental health

The benefits and often unrecognised, undiscussed disadvantages upon our ability to create a the masters we are.

Spiritual bypassing

Spiritual narcissism

Both of which I have experienced and added to

Yes, I went there!

I can recognise my own shadow and am eternally grateful for the expanded view this creates within me

Be it reading, counselling or healing I have discovered many insights about the only thing we truly understand, ourselves.

But it is one thing to know our own journey

To not impose it within others takes great empathy, in its truest meaning.

So for today I plan to observe, witness and listen for any guidance in regards to this

To re-search on a deeper experiental meaning

As always this morning this started with my daily routine.

Opening Sacred space, meditation, healing and prayers to establish my own energy.

In this expanded place I shuffled the cards.

The Metatron self mastery deck.

Recognising each step of my path holds the potential for this, I asked how we collectively could best achieve mastery in the upcoming year.

Randomly selecting from behind creation, tuning into my body I immediately felt a circuit breaker form with my own vibration and the unknown card in my hands.

Asking for a message I recieved clearly ” connect to this vibration”

The card was boundaries, set them daily.

Today open space for creation

In your own potential

Embrace your unique gifts and talents

Discover who you are and let this be the key to your own inner landscape

May we all create boundaries that inspire growth, flexibility and the ability to be shaped according to our daily needs.

In deepest munay



Where can you adapt the boundaries upon your own creations?


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