Daily guidance

“Music is the language of emotion”

Emmanuel Kant

I’ve just noticed I sat and reflected at 2.22

It has taken me this long to journal and connect

But the timing doesn’t matter, I have in truth found space to listen throughout the day.

To my own emotions

Spending the day clearing and cleansing, nesting, for a new start.

Music blaring

Aiding me shift my own energy and that around me with ease and grace.

I love sound

I find it to be an incredible midwife of change

Whether it’s Music, a voice, journaling my words or tuning forks.

I’ve studied its impact on the human body for several years

I am blessed to be offering these teachings in March

To help tone our ability to flow with the “noise” of life

To channel our own rythmn

But I also recognise it isn’t always a melody

Often, we listen to reruns of the same soundPercussions of programming within and around us

But we always have the opportunity to write our own song sheet

By looking at how we conduct our own connection

Taking time to observe what we are recieving

By hearing our feelings

Doing just that as I shuffled the cards today, the tumble dryer beating steady, the washing machine on fast cycle, I held the unknown image that had “flipped out” ironically from behind the new dawn, to my ear.

Aware of Sandlephon, in my lounge, as is often the case I recieved “let love be your lullaby”

The card was karma, beneath which sat the cup of replenishment, held by Sandlephon himself, number 22!

Today be aware of what you hear

Your own united verse

May we all drink from the rapid cleansing currently occurring and dance freely to our own Souls song, knowing it is this symphony that has always held us connected to the very beat of Pachamama

In munay



What is your soul song?


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