Daily guidance

“ You can complain because roses have thorns or rejoice that thorns have roses”

Pablo Picasso

For some reason, I nearly typed unknown but in reality, I do have the answers within me around this, I cant seem to motivate myself today.

I have plans to continue working on a presentation regarding spirituality and mental health and write the lessons of yesterday reflecting on “differences”

Included in this, is an essay of the role play performed, ironically around the same energies or differences I am currently struggling with.

In truth always have

A “lack” of oomph


Wanting to shift but having no drive to do so

Yesterday I had shown compassion for this Archetypal energy, could I do the same today with myself, without fixing or guiding it.

Could I apply the lessons before me to my current path.

I knew within me I had time

Something that this vibration showed me alongside the knowing I am still do-in, planning and prepping in my actions whatever they may or may not be.

I am experiencing the very aspects that will be discussed and am as such learning on a much deeper level.

This morning eyes drawn to the six pigeons in my garden, symbolic for love, fertility, compassion, forgiveness and mercy, I decided to work with the Metatron self-mastery deck.

Shuffling, nearly selecting for the sake of it I heard “ why so quick to choose”.

Taking my time, allowing my intuition to decide, ironically picking from behind clarity- go within, I did just that.

Tuning into myself first then the card, I realised this is my difference.

I tap into my own energy first before any further information is received.

Aware of a deep sense of peace, love and union whilst holding the unknown card, I visualised layer upon layer of triangles.

Journeying into them, gifted the vision of a hunchback whilst my own shoulder ached, I received “ stop carrying the opinions of others”

The image was love-relationship and harmony.

Both cards depicting the numerical vibrational energy of the year to come

Today create space to hear your own wisdom

The intelligence of being present with your own spiritual tool

Your body

May we all balance the essence of self-love through acceptance of our whole beauty as naturally as breathing in or out, and may this be the clarity of the one spirit we all bloom from.

In munay



Are you prunning your own beauty?


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