Daily guidance

“Chase your dreams and your nightmares will grow tired of chasing you

“Matshona Dhiliwayo

Routine out the window today

I’m more than OK with it to be honest

I feel a deep sense of patience occurring

A chance to reassess

Before take off

Underneath it all I feel positive and hopeful

For no reason

Gloriously unattached to any plans or dreams

Merely a feeling

A connection

To myself and the Earth

There is much occurring within my family Soul in regards to weight, or rather wait and the pressure or strength that is rising as a result




But for now, with my own wolfhound having hurt his back, today, is a time for rest all round.


Visualising a buffalo, indigenous guide, and spiders in my own meditation this morning I decided there was nothing for it but to connect to the animal totem Tarot for today’s guidance.

Selecting from behind the nine of Swords as a hawk flew past my window, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Aware of great mental interference I went further into my own energy.

Hearing the song “talk to the animals” from Dr Dolittle, I did just that.

Asking the card for a message, feeling light, free, I recieved “what’s the alternative, see and be that. The future is bright, the future is orange” as I felt a shift in my sacral.

The card was the Two of Pentacles

The very image of the Hawk outside my window upon it alongside the knowing it was this card that led to buying this particular deck

Today connect to what first brought your dreams to light

Not the fear or anxiety behind it

Release your creative centre from any restrictive anguish

Maintain a higher, unattached vision.

May we all recognise what our thoughts are really saying, delegating them back to the Earth to truly recieve the guidance that can only come from a collaborative partnership with Pachamama.

In munay



What resources can you juggle to make your nightmares a dream reality?


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