Daily guidance

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”

Darryl Anka

What is Spirituality to you



God, source, Divine

Our higher self

How do you measure spirituality





This morning I woke, despite sticking to my routine with great dedication, tired, sore, disillusioned with my creations

I felt a failure

A healer that couldn’t heal

A guide without clarity

The more I became this energy, through legitimate explanation, laws, timing, in truth bypassing my feelings-the more distant the connection to my own Spirituality

Taking this to ceremony, performing a crystal healing on myself, I listened to the stone people.

So much more than collectible sparkly objects

Beyond their logical explanation and uses

To their energy, as they shifted and brought to light what needed to be transmuted within me

Ideas floating around my upcoming college presentation on Spirituality and mental health I shuffled the Crystal Tarot.

Selecting from behind the five of Wands, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand.

Felt into the energy


Visualising a large red cloak around me, placing the card on my Crown chakra as guided, I felt focused, grounded, strong in my convictions.

Similar to Temperence, but more masculine

I asked the energy for a message and recieved “be still my child”

Frustrated, trying to force insight around the suggested flow, I stopped and went into the message.

Here I recieved energy beyond words, passed explanation, and rediscovered the meaning of Spirituality.

The card was my own Archetype for this year, the Emperor, bearing my birth stone, the ruby.

Today feel into what your own connection is

Whether it be to your dreams, aspirations, purpose or relationships

May we all reconnect to our own Spirituality and know this is all that is required to achieve results.

In munay



How can you have more faith in what you are creating?


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