Weekly energy report

Are you ready to release the very things that have protected you?

In this week’s energy video ( see below) relevance is key, an oppurtunity to really connect to the messages applicable to us.

Through the heart

We are being asked to take the relationships in our lives to the next level.

To reflect what we share and the effect on our own connection, be it ourselves, each other source or the divine.

If we recognise everything we do is flow we can be aware of any restictions placed on it particularly from ourselves.

2022 is the year to be you.

If we can get out of our own way rather than adapting our Soul’s vision, we are able to regain the focus needed this week.

Remember all adverse reactions are an oppurtunity to build our I-AM-Unity

If we avoid the need to make something relevant we can open our hearts to our own unique message.

We need to look at our vocabulary in regards to flow, beyond “give and take” to what it really is…. connection.

To be gifted the oppurtunity to rise and re-establish our own divinity and use old patterns as the springboard they are within our evolutionary cycle.

This life is an incredible journey that has a natural order to it- but we must define where we currently are upon our own Souls map.

It’s not about how big or small we play it this year, but the very energy or rather connection we provide behind all we do.

Remember who you are.

Reclaim your original blueprint, the guidance that came first!

The vision of our Soul that has always advised us through every endurance and holds nothing but endearment for every step we take.

We can always connect to this higher energy, dont forget the free will and choice we are born with.

We are being guided to let go of expectations and outcomes as they affect our focus, although the last few years has seen great imporovement with this the relationship between us and Universal flow still requires great trust.

Look out for repeptitive messages this week

Align your breath to your vision, open to the love and compassion trying to come in so you may become your dreams.

We have done the training over the last few years to establish what we are here to offer, but the large upgrades of our higher heart, third eye, throat, altar major and crown chakra this week ask only thing of us now….

Can we open our hearts to the dreams of our Soul by stepping into who we truly are.

In deepest munay



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