Daily guidance

” She refused to settle, for she had a wild heart and wild hearts cannot be easily tamed”

R.G Moon

I now use my treatment room.

For myself.

Taking time every morning and evening to reflect, journal, create ceremony, heal and pray.

While the World around me awakens and returns to her natural cycles.

This morning she was wild.



Dark and overcast

A sight to behold.

Sure I longed for the summer, the good “ole days” of warmth and joy but there was something incredibly magical in the darkness.

A deep sense of reunion within myself.

Having journalled of my gratitude not only for this but the recognition of the people in my life.




That are always able to see me even when I can’t

Which hasn’t always been easy but has aided with any illusions I may have and potential heartbreak from losing who I am

With immense heart expanding appreciation I shuffled the Tarot.

Eyes drawn to a picture of my child self.

Undecided between two cards I selected them both from behind the Six of Cups, knowing they represented how I share and ultimately gain

Recieving “on the one hand then the other” I became confused from so many perspectives

Attempting to tune in without looking I was stopped short

This energy was no longer for me

Hearing “you don’t not need a message, let your heart be the flow”

The cards were The Moon and Three of Swords.

Today listen to the calling within you

Don’t silence what you hear

Give and recieve from this space

It really is that simple

May we all surround ourselves with those that appreciate the wild within us and support our own internal cycle in doing so.

In munay



Where are you settling for less than your hearts desire?

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