Daily guidance

Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door”

Vernon Howard

Happy 2022

The year to do you!

The exact wording I was gifted yesterday on my walk that led to an impromptu blog


This morning I have woke late, feel terrible (not covid thankfully) and have no aspirations to do anything!


That isn’t me

Merely doorframes surrounding my own inner entry




I know throughout the year these will undoubtedly swell and shrink with my own internal weather

Within them I feel at peace

Grateful for the end of 2021 and its bitter sweet lessons

Hopeful for 2022 and the continual discoveries

About myself

Half way in halfway out of the next years energy this morning I shuffled the Tarot

Eyes drawn to Mary Magdelene, now above my desk in the space of the East and New beginnings, I noticed the Rose.

Her rose.

In her hand, protected and held

Hearing “keep yours close to your chest” I selected from behind the two of Wands

Tuning in without looking I saw a tent.

Curtains opening, to a diamond light within them

Asking for a message I recieved ” celebrate this opening within you for the doorway it is”T

he card was the Six of Wands

Today feel whatever you feel

No judgement

This is you, not the plans you may have.

May we all enter a time of being held and loved close to the heart of the Divine Feminine within us and enter 2022 as we are and always have been, the eternal blooming rose of Pachamamas garden

In deepest munay



What doors now need opening for you to enter 2022


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