Make 2022- the year you do you!

I’ll sing myself to sleep
A song from the darkest hour
Secrets I can’t keep
Inside of a day

Swing from high to deep
Extremes of sweet and sour
Hope that God exists
I hope, I pray

Drawn by the undertow
My life is out of control
I believe this wave will bear my weight
So let it flow

Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Sit down next to me
Sit down (sit down, sit down, sit down, down)
In sympathy

Now I’m relieved to hear
That you’ve been to some far out places
It’s hard to carry on
When you feel all alone

Now I’ve swung back down again
It’s worse than it was before
If I hadn’t seen such riches
I could live with being poor

Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Sit down next to me
Sit down (sit down, sit down, sit down, down)
In sympathy

Those who feel the breath of sadness
Sit down next to me
Those who find they’re touched by madness
Sit down next to me
Those who find themselves ridiculous
Sit down next to me

In love, in fear, in hate, in tears
In love, in fear, in hate, in tears
In love, in fear, in hate, in tears
In love, in fear, in hate

Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Sit down next to me
Sit down (sit down, sit down, sit down, down)
In sympathy

Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Oh, sit down
Sit down next to me
Sit down (sit down, sit down, sit down, down)
In sympathy


Its 2pm on New Year’s Eve  having just finished walking my wolfhound an idea has popped into my head.

Well more a phrase.

An affirmation if you will.

Regarding next year.

2022- the year to do you.

Now several short hours prior to the countdown, death of 2021 and new vibration coming in, I am being guided to write or is that right.

The energy next year.


I havent looked into the Astrology.

 I am aware Jupiter the planet of expansion, the Wheel of fortune in the Tarot entered Pisces a few days ago.

It’s home, March, Springtime, the birth of my own son, the last Astrological sign in the Zodiac and the Hanged man in the Tarot.

I can energetically feel the growth of light that will and always has come as a result of many perspectives, alongside the importance of recognising our own and how they may restrict us.

I know we also enter a new moon phase days after New year in the energies of Capricorn.

 The diligent hard worker

 The Devil and  our own ability to balance internal shadows with physical release.

 Without becoming tied down by such high reaching mountainous demands.

I can sense the grounded vibration of this year also.

 The harmony of the numerical six.

 The lovers, Adam and Eve, kundalini awakening and our own connection here alongside any “sin” we may feel or have imposed upon us concerning this.

There are so many insights available at present.

Relationships, healing, balance, connection, reflection, union.

That in truth I could draft a book, one of the early distractions I received today, that almost led to recording nothing!

However  with great humour I also recognise the vibration of Mercury behind it all.

 Communication, manifestation and of course the trickster mental energy which ties in ( no pun intended) nicely with the Devil frequency becoming known in the next twelve months beginning with the new moon in a few days.

But as  suggested I have been guided to talk about the overall bigger picture here and always.

There is an has been much sadness, madness and ridicule.

I would like to say this is all going to stop.

In theory it can, at any given time.

If we sit down, bring in the vibration so desperately trying to come through.

The only thing, as I feel my shoulder being tapped, I was actually asked to speak of.


Not something I would have discussed a decade ago other than in reference to the hormone oxytocin and its importance in childbirth.

However this last year, indeed last twenty, have taught me many things about this deeper connection and just how essential it is to deliver change, safely without unnecessary pain.

Not only in regard to how we connect with each other but ourselves.

To be expected, as I am actually a six Soul path number, I havent always felt this way.

Love hasn’t brought ease or grace.

But at times painfully stretched me beyond my own ego and physical self.

To its true presence by removing everything that clothed the raw naked vulnerability required to feel it.

Like us all after a journey of Spiritual bypassing ( yes, we all do it) and spiritual narcissism ( again a path we have all walked!) the very aspects that have been holding back this monumental force have become known.

Now I could sit here and link it all to trauma.

To covid.

To money concerns.



Being out of alignment.

Negative thinking.

The passing of my mother.

Let’s face it we all have lists as long as our own life.

Enough reasons to not trust this trickster voice of love when it comes calling.

But the reality of it.

When we do remove the masks, be they  imposed, hidden or longed for to protect us, is the only factor that holds back love…

Is ourselves.

Next year will highlight the many relationships we have.

The entanglements, the co-dependency and underneath it all the valuable understanding of the most important love story we will ever witness.

Our own

There will be as many as needed chains released to free our Soul, our own spirituality.

The union of our own higher self.

This can and most probably will cause triangles within the drama of love.


You see the triangle is a symbol for the re-union of the masculine and feminine.

 Service, love and wisdom.

The third eye, heart and root chakra.

For all to exist, great healing is needed.

With our own Soul.

Beyond repression or infatuation.


The home or “Soul seat” of all things, necessary for expansion.

Which brings me full circle to the medicine wheel.

The hero’s journey.

The other underlying often forgotten vibration behind the whole of the next decade.

Zero point.

The importance of believing we can even have a fresh start.

Hope of something far greater than what has been.

Through the recognition of our potential.

The release of all it wasn’t, all that has occurred.

Be it the division of vaccination versus non, race, creed, gender or the main emphasis behind the next twelve months- ourselves and any splits from Pachamama that need mending.

Next year we will, as always, see many shadows rising.

If this brings a heaviness to your heart, pause and breath into it.

The shadow and any rising demons within you or… emotions… without chaining them with your mind.

The Devil is actually the light bringer, here to point out our addictions that come from not being who we are fully.

When finally faced, “eye to eye,” be it individually or collectively, we are able to see the gifts once hidden, shunned, shamed or judged.

Another perspective of who we are.

This is crucial, more now than ever, if not with the World than ourselves for our inner-sight when combined with hindsight and foresight truly open a far bigger triangular vision.

The higher vibration available for all willing to see their blinded hearts.

I will end this “peace” with the notion of judgement.

Number 20 in the Tarot it is Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of communication, calling not only the masculine and feminine to rise but the child of the Earth within us all also.

The Sacred product of our own Soul and physical embodiment.

The very thing or world that is created from our reflective actions.

At midnight tonight, wherever you are maybe I pray you hear this call-in within you and nurture your own needs as the Divine guardian you came here to be.

May the bugle of a new dawn, a new year, a new yet beautifully old you, now fully accepted, be the very sound that rings in your ears.

May we all raise the glass of love to our existence for all it has ever been and is to become, here, now.

I wish you joy, true light, and the unconditional love of being fed by the ripeness of who you are.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to sit down with you Soul?

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