Daily guidance

” Fear and love can never be experienced at the same time. It is always our choice as to which of these emotions we want”

Gerald Jampolsky.

What energy are you connecting to

The emphasis of next year, and in reality every day.

For myself this morning, there was a need for pause.

For all plans to be moved “backwards” in order to progress.

Not only to align them with the New moon and new year

But to open space for a deeper connection that can only come from being present

An awareness into why these dreams existed

To connect me to my own highest potential

To aid others to do the same

Thinking how best to accomplish this in 2022, the sales method currently used just didn’t speak to me.

Based around finding an individuals “pain point” as cogs in a machine

So what did resonate with me

How could I make myself known in the field of service, another vibration for next year.

Going into meditation, I could feel the limitations of potential when concentrating solely on fear and pain, even if it was to connect in order to help, it ultimately seperates us from a far greater vibration.


The main emphasis of 2022

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting from behind the two of Pentacles, the sad expression of the nine of Pentacles visible in the background, I tuned into this without looking at the card in my hands.

Placing it upon my chest as guided, eyes drawn to the wheel on my own wedding picture, I heard a song.

You spin my head round baby right round

Like a record baby, round round right round.

Asking for a message I recieved ” what tune will you be bringing in the New Year too”

The card was the Nine of Wands.

Today pause.

Feel into your own beat

Your own rythmn

Create from here your greatest potential, from a space that no longer blocks it.

May we all reassess what we are defending as we enter a new vibration, knowing that balance comes from the choice of what we connect to.

In deepest munay



Do you feel like a broken record?


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