Daily guidance

Love is the beginning of a journey, its end, and the journey itself”

Deepak Chopra

All morning I have had the song here I am by Bryan Adams in my mind.

It’s a new world, it’s a new start

It’s alive with the beating of young hearts

It’s a new day, it’s a new plan

I’ve been waiting for you

Here I am

Despite the repetition of my own daily routine, making the same plans for next year as the previous, I can feel something.

A shift

A certainty

A change, not in my journey, but myself walking it.

Palpable in my own healing and prayers this morning, the energy direct and clear, my intentions went beyond hope.

To a knowing of potential

Clearing my own aura only, with great ease and grace, in grounded excitement I shuffled the Tarot.

Feeling a new beginning, light and free, I ironically randomly selected from behind The Fool.

The unknown image beside me pulsating with intense vibrations it took standing in my own core to hold it.

Placing the card in my hands, tuning in, everything settled.

Asking for a message I recieved ” all you ever needed to do was hold this wisdom in your hands”

The card was The Lovers.

Today look at any plans you have made

Those that worked

Those that had different desired results

All are part of the journey

The path of the Soul

The hero within

May we re-discover love as the one uniting superpower to take us all forward collectively next year, and hold this certainty within all we offer to ourselves and each other.

In deepest munay



What are you waiting for?


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