Daily guidance

” Have the courage to swim against the tide. Have the courage to be happy”

Pope Francis

Despite deliberately setting the intention for a lie in today, I feel dismayed.

The mould in my bathroom reminding me just how much work is needed in 2022, not just with my home!

I can sense the Capricorn new moon and the energy of next year.

The Devil

Highlighting all the places where I don’t feel enough

Writing a metaphorical list that threatens to imprison me in this addictive energy

Feeling into this vibration I sensed childhood trauma


Needs not met

Wants taking backstage

Being with this, I shuffled the Tarot, selecting from behind the Heirophant.

Tuning into the unknown image, demanding almost from frustration what I could do to change my current situation, I came face to face with a mountain.

Climbing in my minds eye, I continued to fall.

Asking for a message I recieved ” in this energy all guidance is frozen”

I paused

Surrendered to my feelings

Watching the glacier defrost into a stream, first lava, then clear crisp water, I began to walk forward.

Passing between two trees, guided by my own internal cycle, I heard “continue swimming upstream”

The card was The Moon

Today look at what your inner World can teach you right now

Where do you need to be stronger than you are

How can surrendering to this knowing empower you

May we all recognise our emotions for the lessons they bring by feeling into thier answers

In deepest munay



How emotionally balanced are you


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