Weekly energy report

Happy New Year

What re-solutions are you planning for 2022

What about “just living life”

This week’s energy ( video below/on you tube and IGTV) gives us this oppurtunity, however we choose to percieve the energy, and the recognition of the very things internally that may be restricting us from living.

Cue the vibration of next year!

We are being presented with a “taster course” into what 2022 will be about and are being guided to feel into what we actually wish to create.

As is often the case by experiencing what we no longer wish to take forward, with grattitude for all we have discovered about ourselves and each other.

Can we take our energies higher, beyond our own frustrations, towards a deeper compassion and understanding.

If we look at the pieces currently in front of us we can figure out the puzzle of the bigger picture occuring.

Can we connect to our own “bad guy” energy to truly embrace unconditional love and acceptance for the Devil role we all play.

It’s time to unite all aspects of ourselves and step into our complete soul energy, for this is where true freedom resides.

We are being asked to bridge our emotions and spirit this week through the application of life, to remain focused, safely communicating the wisdom and beauty of knowing we are all connected in our own unique hue-manness

Can we realease the need to figure things out and re-establish trust in the vibrations supporting us.

Only then will we be ready to move forward with acceptance of where we actually are , standing firm in this now.

We are being guided to respect the sacredness, differences and changes that have and are occuring rather than turn away from anything that causes discomfort.

Only here will we notice any shifts that have happened for the collective Soul.

The New year sees an oppurtunity for progression and harmony, with monumental support, but as always it is our choice whether we step into this vibration.

If we use the temptation to jump forward as a chance to step energetically into the re-solutions we wish for we can and will recieve the foundational rites of the time to come.

By observing what is being brought to light, this week brings about the realisation we are always in alignment with our own blueprint, here we can “do soul and be soul” with ease and grace.

We are being asked to know what we are feeling and from where before we share or recieve to be open to the true colour of life now available.

To be Sovereign and embrace the Divine Feminine within us we must look now at the “common-wealth” games occuring and the very flame of light we are carrying

If ever there was a year where we can unite our Soul and physical vibration, it is 2022.

Have we seen enough to truly celebrate who we are and each other.

Happy New year

Thank you for being part of my own calling

In deepest munay



What does 2022 hold for you?

Meditation mentioned can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH1f7pIHiyI…Sprays from www.amandaellis.co.uk#tarot #2022 #newyear#energyreport#weeklyguidance

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