Daily guidance

” We only have what we give”

Isabel Allende

This morning I woke to my late mother

Dressed in her favourite white coat, she seemed so exited and happy.

Looking and even smelling like Christmas her words “just you wait and see” have gifted me the most magical feeling today.




The deepest understanding of unconditional love

The only present worth unwrapping

The very thing we don’t give to recieve

We have yet to see mum’s headstone, we wanted to be the first.

As is often the case in life, today our hardwork has been appreciated by all who have walked past before us, whilst we wait for the honour

But there is no frustration

We have decided to go together, for we were created and loved as one.

To bring all of our love and words in one place unwrap and celebrate the legacy mum has left behind.


Her children. Family.

It is vital at this time of year to remember why we give, before we consider what and how we recieve as a result.

In this space we flow with Strength, divinity, Innocence and wisdom rather than the pain of holding these aspects back through the expectation of return.

From this space this morning I shuffled the Tarot, The Fool depicting a grasshopper jumped onto my lap from behind the King of Cups.

Visible, rather than tune in I looked at the message infront of me, supported by The High Priestess and Strength.

Sensing the very vision seen by my mother upon waking.

The weaving of dreams once held in darkness.

The gifts carried for so long by my Ancestors.

The Ayni of reciprocity required now to flow into a lighter collective consciousness.

I remembered with deep gratitude my why.

Today release anything that may hold back what you are here to give

Who you are

The stories behind why this may have been necessary

May we all feel the true prescence of abundance, the gift that keeps on giving and the magic and hope this brings to all.

In deepest munay



What gifts are waiting to be unwrapped under your own family tree?


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