Daily guidance

” We think we listen. But very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening of this very special kind is one of the most potent forces for change that I know”

Carl Rogers

Happy Solstice

The return of the light


What can you hear

For myself this morning I listened to the yearning for change

The counting down of days left in 2021


This year has been the hardest of my life so far

Finally marked yesterday

On mother’s night, the longest darkness

With the completion of my mum’s headstone

The love we feel alongside her words, set in stone for all to see for an eternity

Her legacy

Despite longing to visit today I have made a promise to my nieces

To introduce them to magic

On this day of Yule we shall be creating, dream catchers, sigils, grimoires and discovering thier own light.

Tomorrow, on the day of the Divine Feminine, as a family, we will visit mum.


As it has always been, to complete a time of great loss.

In meditation with this, as the sun rose, I shuffled the Tarot.

Strength and Death on the bottom of the pack, I selected from behind the Six of Swords.

Tuning into the unknown card in my hand I came face to face with The Tower

.So real I could touch the stone, the lightening so bright I could barely see, I asked for a message, wishing to leave this energy as quickly as I could.

Hearing “you cannot force the insight of change”

I waited


Watched several ninja characters abseil down, many more jump to thier freedom.

Still I waited


Eventually welcomed into the Tower I ascended to the very top of what had now become a light house, embraced in a deep, nurturing calm and recieved “it is what it is”

The card was The Queen of Wands

Today take a moment to pause

To hear the light within you

To be with this awareness

Not to understand

To observe your own Magical connection here

To welcome home your own legacy

To free the gifts you have discovered in 2021

May we all use our language to solidify our love for one another, all our relations and the Great Mother with empathy of the changes that have occurred and to come.

In munay



What seeds will you be unwrapping this year?

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