Weekly energy report

This week’s energy report ( see below) highlights the darkness we are still sat in, so we can find, reignite, and increase the light we bring to the table to celebrate.

 We are being guided to sit in the “ what now”  energy as a last opportunity to see the lessons that need to be brought to light.

What changes can actually catalyse our own freedom this week

 Can we find the truth behind what we are feeling  to build a more fine-tuned foundation for 2022

it’s time to use our emotions constructively for the gift of transformation they have always been.

 Energies are magnified this week to see exactly what vibrations are pushing us forward, is it light or our own repressed shadow.

 If we use this “circuit breaker” as an opportunity to look at the wiring of our own systems, morals and beliefs, we can see the end of the fear and pain we have all held individually and allow this to be the loss now needed.

It’s time to recognise how connected we are to each other and become guardians of the eternal  world around us.

 If we rise with strength and grace, we can recognise that everything we do, no matter how small, has the opportunity to bring the light and actually what we have achieved to hold this in celebration.

 We are supported by incredible power right now; it is up to us to take the time to connect to the innate wisdom currently available.

What has this year really been about

 What has actually been controlling us

 How can we reclaim our light.

Can we acknowledge who we actually are, finally, if we do, the true light will return for us all.

We have been guided to use this week as a chance to repair our vibration.

Can we thaw to ourselves and each other and recognise the loss we have all experienced with compassion and non-judgement towards a new year collectively.

Remember what there is to celebrate from this year.

 If we can sit with whatever rises this week, we can really open our own gifts.

 If we can let, go knowing this action is the growth needed we can release the fear of lack and subsequent sacrifices this week.

 It’s not about what we call something but the feeling behind it if we look at the vibration behind what we are trying to achieve we connect to a much-needed greater force.

By the end of the week we know we have done all we can. If we let life guide and carry us with trust it may not be what was expected but chances are it could be a wonderful one.

In deepest munay

I ask you now, are you ready to see your own light?



The sprays mentioned can be found at www.amandaellis.com

This full moon blog can be found at https://kirstydignam.co.uk/2021/12/18/can-you-accept-a-necessary-lockdown-for-the-eternal-freedom-of-knowing-what-us-truly-restricting-you/

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