Daily guidance

” The shortest day and the longest night, a reminder that dark times give birth to astonishing light.

“Tanya Markul

Happy Mother’s night

The longest darkness of the year

I can feel it

Something about to come to light that may take us all further into the womb of the Mother

DescendInto the darkness, before the Dawn.

But the Solstice isn’t until tomorrow

Anything else beforehand is artificial

Not the real light

Enough to emphasis the darkness sure, but not substantial to return us

Taking time this morning to be in this space

Held in the energy that nurtured me before I came to light

I decided to work with the fae

Shuffling, glancing at the trees outside, hearing the birds call up the sun, I tuned into the card in my hands without looking.

Visualising white light dancing to Pan playing his pipes my own vibration began to stretch and streamline upwards.

The image felt so easy

So light

So certain and natural

Asking for a message I recieved ” tune into the song you long to hear”

The card was the dancer in moonlight.

A representation of Isis, the Mother, the gentle force of the Feminine within.

Today find grace, peace, flow and love

Allow this natural rythmn to sing to you

Move with this wisdom so that no shadows fall over your own full moon light and glory.

May we all bathe in the true reflection of the light and weave this dream into our energy, dreams and destinies.

In munay



Are you ready to deliver your own light?


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