Daily guidance

“Don’t be afraid to experience your emotions, they are the path to your Soul. Emotions erupt to remind us we are alive, that we are human, and to let us know we are growing. Trust yourself enough to feel what you feel”

Lyanla Vanzant

So, how did you find the Full Moon in Gemini





Personally I held space for a few emotions rising and releasing but nothing major.

Because, here’s the thing with lunar stages, you are always affected by your own cycle.

So in reality regardless of the moons stage, you are guided by that predominantly.

Despite so many suggestions of whether to manifest or release depending on what is occurring outside of us,it is always the internal phases we need to recognise and appreciate first.

Menstruating or not.

Our energy in motion

To avoid creating to the rytmn of an external system.

To avoid pain

To avoid fear.

Today I have the Great honour of passing on the 13th munayki rite.

A womb initiation that is gifted to the seven generations of the individual

To heal the relationship with their internal cycle

To acknowledge ” the womb is not a place to store fear or pain, the womb is a place to give birth to life”

To release the Feminine from within from any mental shackles

Under the guidance of the Gemini Moon, my own cycle due I felt this release collectively this morning as I shuffled the Tarot.

Selecting from behind the King of Cups, yawning and healing without any thought, I tuned into the card in my hand without looking.

Visualising a Samarai female warrior, at peace infront of a large moon I became aware of a deep focus into my body.

A reaction to the unknown image I held.

Asking for a message I recieved “know what is occurring inside to understand what is infront of you”

The card was the Seven of Cups, underneath which sat the Queen of Wands.

Today align your emotions with your thoughts

All is actually possible if we avoid escaping to our minds

There is great oppurtunity for both clarity and confusion leading up to the Solstice

Remain focused in your own body

Feel into any illusions rising, areas you may feel lost, so you can visualise the help you require and make steps towards it now.

May we all connect to the creative power centre within, that supports and births the life we now need with ease and grace.

In deepest munay



What direction do you need?


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