Daily guidance

“You cannot grow where there is nothing left to support you”

Leeza Robertson

Since pulling the daily card this morning I have found myself in a right tiswas!

A necessary feeling of urgency in regard to our current situation which has led to breaking through previous patterns regarding my own services, our home and extreme doubt still evident behind them.

Stepping back, remembering today’s message I reconnected to my own intuition.

During meditation I had cleared my mind and sat in silence.

Hearing my own heart beating, quietly often unnoticed in the background, I had shuffled the Tarot.

Selecting from behind the Ten of Swords, tuning into the unknown image in my hands I felt the presence of my late collie.

Her loyalty, determination and strength.

Hearing the song “don’t blink” by Kenny Chesney, I found it quite difficult to breathe.

Observing the tension around me affecting my shoulders I released them and myself into the panicked energy.

Visualising swirling white patterns of snow and a wooden door in the distance I heard “This too shall pass make sure you have learned all you need to, good things come to those that wait”

The card was the Queen of Swords depicting a wolf very similar to my dog surrounded by trees and snow, sat very patiently guarding what was and always had been hers.

Her own intuitive connection.

Today as we approach the last Cold moon in Gemini feel into the importance of what your current situation is bringing up for you.

Only here can you end any unnecessary drama by connecting to your own strong-willed focus.

It will be different for us all but ultimately related to any decisions we have been putting off remaining in a relationship, place or mindset that no longer sustains us on a Soul level.

May we all find the nurture required to re-connect to our own truth.

In deepest munay



What is your current situation teaching you?

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