Daily guidance

“ That which has been harmed can be healed and that which has no place in the present can be washed away with the current”

Leeza Robertson

I am in the process of amalgamation.

Blending two days “work” into one.

It wasn’t planned but has flowed wonderfully.

What I hadnt achieved yesterday now being created alongside the development of tomorrows plans.

I love flow

The tides that come from our own inner energy in motion

In this space of unified deliverance this morning I shuffled the Tarot, as I did so the Eight of Swords and Knight of Swords lept for freedom from the pack.

Depicting a chess piece and emerging yet still blinded mole I heard “ Do not be a pawn for the negativity”

Reshuffling, selecting from behind the Six of Swords, I tuned into the unknown image by placing it upon my heart as guided.

Aware of an emotional release, visualising a bear turn into an owl and then a horse I received “ I will be whatever you need me to be to help you move on”

Sure enough the card was the Five of Cups.

Today look at how easily you let things go or is that flow, for in truth they are all aspects of creation.

Feel into any past that may be currently affecting your present.

May we all connect to what we require and recognise its beauty for the release it brings now.

In deepest munay



What do you need in order to flow with your own process?

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