Daily guidance

” I have wrestled with the Angel, and I am stained with light and I have no shame”

Mary Oliver

I’ve gone off on a tangent

Woke late, drunk way too much tea, and am in theory behind.

In reality I am here, in this moment, divinely timed.

Waking this morning to an image of a woman in the services stating how annoying it was to wrestle me I have energetically cleared a large fight with routine and being of service.

Far more relevant than clearing my home before 8am!

Noticing dreams finally coming into manifestation for many that have been held in the hearts since childhood, it seems to be finally being brought to light.

The benefits of truly daring to hear and embrace the inner child.

The Innocence

The light

The Magic

The inner wild animalistic emotional self.

Something I personally felt today in my own prayers and healing.

Direct in regards to what I was asking for, without the need to pin them down or tap out,.

Shuffling the Tarot aware of the need for this clarity now, I selected from behind the Queen of Pentacles

Tuning into the unknown card, writing down my actions to clarify the intention first, it felt so light.

Hearing ” do what it says on the tin” the exact guidance in this weeks video, I promised the unknown image I would follow the message completely

The card was The Sun

Today stand in the light of your magnificence

Honour its presence for the life it gives you

Don’t let fear or doubt darken your current situation

May we all release the need to wrestle with our own connection here In the belly of Pachamama

In deepest munay



Where do you fight your own light?


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