Daily guidance

” There must be balance in your life between the World you live in, the World your Soul is in and the joy you give for both”

Leeza Robertson

Well I did it again

Woke early

Five days in a row

I didn’t “have to” on any of them.

I chose to, to make the most of my day physically, emotionally, spiritually.

To pray, mediate and heal with the sunrise.

Despite the tiredness, my Soul loves it.

Something so very important leading into 2022

To do the very things that call this Higher Vibration down into our physical bodies.

Often through the things we would least expect.

That empower us on a Soul level to truly experience life.

Like guardians or parents of this potential it takes meeting this energy to know what it needs.

Like childbirth, aligning to our creation we are then able to entice it down, through us, in all we do.

In this space, having connected this morning, I shuffled the Tarot, selecting from behind the Page of Swords I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Ready to place it in my heart I paused at this unnecessary action as I recieved “your hands are your heart, use this energy in all you do”

The card was the Three of Cups, underneath which sat The Emperor.

Today look at how you can bring more fun into your daily practice.

Observe any beliefs you may have around this.

May we all celebrate and honour the Soul within us and from here collect our own innate creations.

Here’s to a delivery of ease and grace.

In deepest munay



How can you birth your Souls potential


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