Daily guidance

“Security is a process

Not a product”

Bruce Sneier

Since waking all I have heard is the subtle voice of Ottis Redding.

I want security

Without it I had great loss

Security yeah

And I want it at any cost

Feeling the lyrics to my core.I missed a space to work, having seen the “Midwives womb” on my timehop.

I longed for the home we once had

The security

But deeper, I missed the alignment I had felt back then.

Taking this to Sacred space, I was guided to look at all I had achieved in preperation for whatever was to be.

My health improved

A strong routine

Courses completed

Website updated

Yet there was something missing.

Shuffling the Tarot, sending my own vibration straight up to my Higher self, I ironically randomly selected from behind the King of Swords.

Tuning into the energy “by my side” in the unknown card, I saw Zeus.Arm poised, lightening bolt in the other I recieved “take aim by figuring out exactly what you want rather than adapting it”

The card was the Knight of Cups, underneath which sat the Ten of Cups.

Placing them all back in their “box” I felt a deep sense of stillness wash over me as I entered the void with great certainty.

The security I had been searching for all along.

Today align with what brings you hope, strength, joy.

Use this myriad of emotions to cross the bridge of your own limitations

May we all be brave enough to ask for what we need rather than adapt to what is needed of us.

In deepest munay



What is the true cost to your own security?


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