Weekly guidance

This week,s video ( see below) speaks of real Magic available from last weeks darkness if we are comfortable enough to sit with what has occurred.

The energy is changing based on how we are willing to perceive it and ourselves.

Much has shifted.

We are being asked to remove the blindfold to our own mastery, and truly see our situation through our experiences.
To hold ourselves empathically.

We are in the “season of giving” and guided to look at what gifts we are holding onto or refusing to share forward.

By looking at old beliefs and the wounds behind them we can see our vision of life and source itself, how we communicate with it within us and any shrouding that has occurred as a result.

In recognising our own restrictions we gain the hope of growing individually and collectively.

This week it is practical to seek help as needed but from those who may have differing opinions, to be brave enough to see ourselves from another perspective and gain a deeper insight.

One we have decided wholly to be what has been asked of us we become with one to our dreams and the path of our higher self, but this acceptance can only come from experiencing what is and could occur as a result.

Are we receiving enough to do what we are doing, major risk assessments in regard to this throughout the week will help decide the changes we need to put in place for next year, but they require we open our eyes to what is shifting within us.

There is a large heart upgrade currently happening, necessary to clear the altar major and realign to our Souls vision.

This week is personal in that it is down to us now to exhibit the changes that have taken place before we move forward.

We are the skill we came to master.

Being this truth within will bring the inner-tuition required, here we can release the expectations we may still have and gain the strength to truly hear what is happening right now.

It is time to free ourselves, by letting go of the stories and becoming what they have created.

Don’t wait to exist, live, guided by the magic of life itself.

In munay



What secondary gain has blinded you to your vision

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