Daily guidance

” For the birdsong might be pretty.

But it’s not for you they sing.

And if you think my winter is too cold.

You don’t deserve my spring.”

Erin Hanson

I’ve woke to a different energy this morning

Something has shifted

I can’t pinpoint the cause

It could be last nights dreams.

Asking for clarity on my purpose I spent my dreamtime removing negative Spiritual energy from people.

It could be my routine has changed

In reality it doesn’t matter.

I feel the shift and have therefore become it

There have been a few moments when I nearly returned.

Mind racing attempting to put factors out of control in my vision.

But this morning, deciding against checking my phone and replacing that with meditation and prayers first I journalled.

I didn’t really have much to write

Because there was nothing to right.

In this space, listening to the birds sing outside my window, cars drive by, my animals eat and the World awaken, I heard life.

How full it actually was

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting from behind the Ten of Cups,

I thought back to last weeks message.


Looking at what was in front of us now

A theme that has risen for me all week.

All year infact

The energy I have spent on and with those in thier hour of need without it being returned, has nearly left me blindly bitter or restrictive in what I give.

Unhealthy boundaries for myself personally.

Undecided between two cards, I turned over the Knight of Cups, and as the image suggested held the other, unknown, in my hands.

Asking for a message I heard “this is what you take forward now, it has been gifted to you from the Universe”

Turning over the Eight of Swords, I became the Archetype.




In my own vision of what had been given to me.

Feeling into this, with the recognition of honour that comes from sharing the vulnerabilities of others, observing and witnessing thier stories as they free themselves, I humbly accepted my “gift”

Today be aware of the patterns around you

The lessons of prescence behind them

They may be harsh, like all winters, but there is light and life within every season.

May we all become the witness of these cycles for the gift of Great Spirit they are by removing the restrictive perspectives that imprison them.

In munay



Where have your views become restricted, what do you need to help you accept your gifts?


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