Daily guidance

“Energise yourself so you walk through life with prescence and joy”

Aaru Malik

Two weeks today and it’s Christmas Eve!

How jovial are you feeling

What gift can you give yourself right now to bring back your own light.

It seems I am learning a lot about myself in the lead up to the celebrations.

Today the emphasis has been empathy and not taking on the pain of others.

Gazing at a card over my fireplace, the words Christmas Peace at the bottom of its picture, I wondered, was this the gift I was preparing to recieve.

By unwrapping every layer of myself.

Opening the door to a delivery from yodel I recalled my mother’s singing.

She could yodle so well

Was this her voice, her prescence, calling the birth of my future self as always

Shuffling the Tarot, having cleared my space, cleansed my home, I heard “get your affairs in order”

The sentence so often said before the end.

Which most of us are facing now, one way or another, of how things were, ourselves included.

Selecting from behind the Knight of Cups, I felt a huge lightness fill my home, my body

Tuning into the unknown image, back breaking from an invisible burden, I found myself sat bolt upright, very matter of fact as I recieved ” do what you need to, to energise yourself”

The card was Justice, underneath it sat The Nine of Swords.

Today recognise what you are carrying

What is ready to end

Do what is required to get things in order by taking only what is needed forward now.

Listen to the voice of the Great Mother

May we all hold court, empathically, for the crossing over of the dreams that have subsequently woke so many.

In deepest




What order needs to be brought to light for you now?


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