Daily guidance

“Exist by the sun and love by the moon, for you must live in the light to embrace the shadows it so perfectly casts.”

Becca Lee

This morning’s plans have “done whatever they felt like!” but this hasn’t stopped me completing what I have intended.

Its taken and is requiring a great deal of focus and concentration.

Not to be distracted by the erratic energies around me.

Coat racks falling down.

Crown chakra sprays falling down and smashing everywhere.

Internet connections unstable and slow

Ambulances outside my door ( not for myself)

Workers drilling away

The most pounding headache I have ever experienced, spreading like a wildfire neuralgia up my face

The energies are… interesting to say the least.

But that doesn’t affect what I am here to do.

They are around me, outside of me, occurring.

All that’s required is a grounding into myself to stop me wobbling, quite literally several times today as I feel the Earth shift beneath me.

Something I have noticed the last few days through conversations and observations is lacking collectively.

No judgement here, just stating what I see.

Imagine a World where we all did just that.

Like the TV show catchphrase “if you don’t see it don’t say it”

Well let’s face it the World would be a lot quieter.

I’m not advocating silence.

Just a real-eye-sation of what we are actually perceiving.

Our individual perspectives and the larger reasons behind them.

Myself this morning, I see a large energetic download occurring and guidance to remain centered.

Going into Sacred space with this, feeling my own crown chakra opening, my third eye splintering much like the aromatherapy colour mirror bottle this morning, I shuffled the Tarot.

Thinking about the Solstice I received immediately “ The light shall return, with that too the darkness” as I selected from behind the Page of Swords.

Questioning this from a place of concern, my mind obviously became scattered.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hand, my third eye becoming a tunnel of light I heard “focus on whats in front of you” as a large eagle gazed back into my own physical eyes.

Seeing fighter jets, aware of a great potential conflict I did as guided.

Sent light.

This time through my third eye.

From the very download I had been receiving.

No judgement, no opinion, no need to know what it all meant, just light.

Visualising the Sun go around the moon, the dance of the light and dark no further message was required.

The card was indeed the sun.

Today keep any tunnel vision full of light.

Send this to any darkness.

Allow the interplay of thee two forces to unite, knowing they dance eternally together within and around us.

May we all ground and centre into the “light bringers” we claim to be.

In deepest- darkest-lightest munay



Are you ready for the light to return?

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