Daily guidance

“ I fought the law and the law won”

The Clash

This morning I felt tired from writing about whether or not I had woken at the time I had planned.

In reality, on reflection it really didn’t matter.

I “woke” when I was meant to.

The time that was right for me.

Like us all.

Looking back over my journal, having ordered a new law of manifestation journal, I recounted all the things I had intended over this last year.

They had occurred.

Often without my realisation.

Many times in least expected ways.

But always in Divine timing.

The law.

Behind everything.

The one aspect so many of us, myself included, continue to fight.

Recognising many of the things I now wish to achieve are indeed for next year, I released any unnecessary pushing and as this week’s video suggested, held space for cycles to complete themselves.

The biggest being the war within myself.

What to take forward and what to now release.

To stay or go.

Within many aspects of my life, and intentions that had yet to arrive.

Shuffling the Tarot I became aware of a deep magical vibration around me suggesting a needed awareness of what I would like next year to look like.

What I wished to offer now and how.

Selecting from behind the Queen of Wands, my own Leo court card, I tuned into the unknown image in my hand.

Visualising a large titan I received “ a clash of the Titans within you, look at where you may be fighting your own elements”

Seeing two hands, join in prayer, form a many-handed tunnel, I began to feel trippy as I entered this space and walked forwards.

Anxious in my mind I didn’t know the answers I heard “ you have always known; your prayers are mine” from a much higher source of energy within me.

The card was the Two of Cups.

Today look at what you wish to take forward into 2022.

Some aspects may be the same, others may be ready to be completed now.

Observe the war within you in regard to this, where does it come from, a lack of hope, faith, frustration with timing.

How committed are you to your own path.

No judgement.

May we all recognise the law of manifestation within us by realigning to our highest path and hold court for this union within.

In deepest munay



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Are you ready to engage with your own path?

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