Weekly guidance

This week were being asked to connect to the light ( see video below)


To allow time for cycles to come to completion with patience.

For old patterns to be developed into their truest potential so we may recognise our unique gifts and share them forward.

What doesn’t “fit the bill” collectively will become an opportunity to celebrate what we are being asked to create.

We are being guided to recognise manifestation on a Soul level as to the reasons behind what is occurring and the healing that has and is occurring for all generations.

If we can empower the energy this week to share and weave new stories by using the original guidance for the inspiration it is, we can take our skills forward in all we do and prioritise what fits in with our dreams for 2022.

The word is the word this week, as we are asked to relate to what we receive and why we require more confirmation, the illusion behind who we are and why we are here demands a new level of trust, from us.

Grounding is key, by bringing any information within us first, looking at ourselves to truly see how far we have come, celebrating these changes in order to gain the clarity we are seeking.

If we keep it light, only take that which we need- we can reconnect to our own spark and draw in our manifestations, by supporting our path to guide us, as it always has.

Structures and foundations CAN be rebuilt this week, by embracing our differences for the co-collaboration they are.

There is an opportunity for a collective soul retrieval by accepting all aspects of ourselves and each other and seeing everything as an opportunity to develop our gifts.

All is choice, it is up to us to decide what we wish to learn, the real inspiration behind any manifestation.

This week suggests we look at old beliefs around the shadow and judgements, in order to reconnect to our innate abilities and establish our own level of mastery- to remove the need to defend it, any dogma, our own included and perspectives that have originated from lack, pain, or fear.

Can we be the antidote for a dis-eased society.

Only if we look at what is in front of us before putting things to one side or separating from each other.

Here we can truly create with the thread we have been gifted as part of the Ancestral family Soul of Great Spirit.

How we connect to the Divine Feminine, is and always will be different, once we can individually ground into our emotions, we empower others to do the same and realise our experiences are just that, ours.

A learning tool to discover who we are.

One that we are all entitled to discover for ourselves. It’s time to truly be the empaths so many of us claim to be.

What would life look like if we put to one side all the healing, stories, trauma, separation and illusion and realised we were ALL already the cause we have fought so hard to manifest?

Until next time

In munay



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