Daily guidance

“The way to find your calling is to look at the way you were created. Your gifts have not emerged by accident.”

Timothy Keller

I woke early this morning!

It took sleeping on my own downstairs.

Not becoming too comfortable in the arms and dreams of another but lying in my own.

Over the last few days I have achieved so much.

“Having to” create rather than buy for Christmas this year, the original overwhelm is subsiding.

Firstly because I have “put my metaphorical chin down and pushed” doing what I can rather than fretting over completion.

Secondly, I have re- discovered many gifts I didn’t know I had but longed to develop!

Candle maker, dreamcatcher crafter, jewellery designer, spa creator and in the next few weeks hamper baker!

All homemade.

All already within me, yet on my manifestation list to learn!


All that these expressions of creativity, the skills held required was time, space and a reason for them to be delivered.

A why, and when that crowned the how!

Alongside of course, practical focus and application to meet the deadlines placed upon them which ironically came through necessity.

What could have been perceived as a lack.

This morning having realised this, declining the need to look back over my social media memories as part of my daily routine, I thought about my dreams.

Last night I had returned to many aspects of my own life and collected parts I had forgotten.

Today I felt whole, dreamless, content in the healing I have received as a result of every intention throughout my life, knowing all that was required now was this moment for completion.

Whatever that may look like.

Shuffling the Tarot, aware of a deep sense of knowing and clarity as I selected from behind The Star, I heard “what comes before the vision”

The Tower.

The aha moments.

The collapse of how things were including our own beliefs, plans and expectations.

To empower us to truly see beyond our own limited perspectives.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hand feeling immense reconnection to my own Soul I began to imagine songs and guidance.

Receiving clearly “you do not need to seek repetitive answers to fill the gaps, just trust what you know within you”

In my mind’s eye I saw the batman logo, high in the sky turn into my own Souls blueprint and heard from deep within my heart “ keep following the call-in”

The card was the Five of Swords, underneath which sat the Ace of Swords.

Today listen to your own dreams.

Recognise them for the healing they are.

The potential of your Souls deliverance.

Trust you know how to birth your own potential.

The very gifts that have shaped you.

You always have.

May we all find time, space and reason to develop who we came here to be by recognising the labours of our own lives for what they are, without the need to mentally unnecessarily intervene in a vision far bigger than us all.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to answer the call?

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