Daily guidance

“ Don’t take yourself too seriously. And take yourself as seriously as death”

Bruce Springsteen

I can feel a real ultimatum energy in the air.

As last weeks video mentioned, the buck stops here.

There are so many energies that are not invited into next year’s vibration.

For myself it is indecision or rather a lack of commitment, through intentional distraction.

I went there.

I go there often.

To my own deepest darkest truths.

Last night I had dreamt my husband left me.

Blaming our financial situation on my circumstances.

I had been abandoned with nothing.

In my dreamtime, I survived and actually as always, there was a great deal of support.

On his return I refused a union based around myself being the culprit of another’s concerns or hardships.

This morning I could relate to all aspects of this insight.

I did blame myself.

I did feel that I wasn’t contributing.

I did fear I had nothing without another’s support.

But the reality was the hardest part to come to terms with, I couldn’t support myself.

This was the focus I had been guided to hone in on, the remaining trauma from over a decade ago.

My own feelings and reality around this now.

Shuffling the Tarot, the eight of Wands and Emperor turning themselves over from behind the six of Pentacles, I knew I had lost sight of my own balance, in regard to Ayni- reciprocity.

It was this that had appeared to “block my flow”

Placing them back into the pack, eyes drawn to the words EL and Pro on my unit, it was time, to “go pro”

To “up my game” my beliefs, my own frequency.

Selecting from behind the nine of cups I tuned into the unknown image as I received “whats behind your wish, has it changed, have you”

Feeling dizzy, spinning out as a large download of clear channelling occurred through my body, the card felt like Death in my hands.

Cold yet certain.

Detached yet focused.

Asking for a message I heard “ it’s time to take yourself seriously”

The card was The Magician, underneath which sat the Ace of Wands.

Today connect to your highest potential.

The version of you that has been guiding you all along behind every intention and manifestation.

Then look at what you are really trying to achieve, for yourself and the World.

Are you aligned in your own vibration, seriously, committed, or do you waver at any mirrored discrepancy.

Where do you need more focus, in order to aim straight from now until the solstice.

May we all recognise the energetic training required to become the creators we are, the support behind us, including the not so comfortable realisations when we loose inner-sight or hope,  and step into the the professionals we came here to be.

It’s time for a change that can only be channelled through ourselves now.

In deepest munay



How serious are you about change

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