Daily guidance

“Wherever you are, be all there”

Jim Elliot

Over the last few days I have been working on my own college work.

The subject, empathy and the importance of truly listening.

As with everything this has given me an opportunity to reflect and examine my own stage and growth.

Finishing with a timeline of my life yesterday and the events that had occurred to form my own morals, my ruling core, I recognised two things.

Firstly, I hadnt ever really been listened to, by myself also.

Not without guidance, judgement, opinions or the views of others.

Not with empathy.


There is a monumental difference.

The prescence of something that unites them both to a third more empowering energy.


Secondly, despite the pain and loneliness this had risen within me, it had led to the destruction of all inherited beliefs and a discovery of my own

Feeling into this within my own meditation this morning, with deep peace and acceptance, rather than ask the Tarot for guidance I decided to listen.

Selecting from behind the Two of Wands, becoming incredibly present with the energy within my hands, I tuned into the unknown image, hearing with all my senses.

Receiving immediately, “when you do this you become the World you hold” I sensed the card expand.

Gifted the image of a Queen, become Isis, then Sekhmet, rising to bring down a golden orb, this turned into a cup, placed within my chest.

I felt the Leo symbol spiralling around me as I heard the song “nowadays” from Chicago

Feeling into the lyrics I saw a mini-Yoda, and smiled as I heard “ find your own answers you will”

The card was the Three of Cups, underneath which sat the lioness Queen of Wands.

Today listen, really hear what is occurring without your own stories.

Our experience is just that, ours, merely there for us to discover who we are, not to mould others or remove them from gaining their own.

Empathy is to understand the reality of another’s world not to fix or become it but to aid them to see their own perspectives.

As we head into 2022 may we unchain any trauma behind our Sovereign differences and celebrate them for what they are, an opportunity to see the United verse of a song that takes many singers, with lyrics unique to their Souls deliverance.

May this present be the gift of compassion we all receive this year.

In deepest munay



#tarot #soulmidwife #dailyguidance #2022 #differences #empathy #findyourownanswers

What finale will be your song as we enter 2022

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