Daily guidance

“Three things can not hide for long, the moon, the sun and the truth”


Can you feel the new moon in Sagittarius solar eclipse

I can

The hidden aspects behind what we aim for now and how to bring in something different, karmically, for us all.

The centaur, the wounded healer within us all.

There is so much truth rising to the surface

From the shadow

It can be difficult to know what  life to “be-lieve”

The moving forward needed through recognition of any underlying “darkness” within us in order to truly find our own light

My own week has been…. Interesting!

Having been advised my latest college course will be asking for a presentation on mental health

Much has risen

In regard to covert narcissism, watch the potential energy for next year’s lovers vibration, and the empathic cycle that can be abused or thrive as a result.

As always, the choice is ours.

For myself it has been an emotional deepening of my own truth.

This morning, feeling torn between what I know and feel, the emphasis was exactly that.

Going into meditation, in the presence of my own mother, I missed her.

Longing to love her, I received “so just love me”

Knowing deep within me the pain came not from “loosing” my mum but holding back the love I still feel for her, I shuffled the Tarot.

Wondering whether the guidance would be from my mum, the collective, or myself I heard, “they are all one and the same”

Selecting from behind the King of cups, as my son came down the stairs declaring he wasn’t working as he had had enough of taking on the responsibility of others, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Receiving immediately “it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, only what you feel, that’s your truth”

The card was the Hierophant.

This weekend be aware of your own truth.

Be honest with what you feel, by well… feeling it.

Seek guidance from yourself, find your own answers.

May we all embrace the love that wishes to flow through us rather than hiding it beneath mental restrictions, be they ours or another’s, for in reality they are one and the same.

It’s time to heal, may this be the one thing we all aim towards.

For all generations to come.

In munay


What are you aiming for this new moon?

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