Daily guidance

“ The Munayki is an invitation to dream an entire new World into being”

Alberto Villoldo

Do you ever get those moments where you know the potential of your life has shifted.

The rug has been taken from beneath you

Your path re directed

I did this morning.

I fell over, well I slipped up, on many levels.

As a result I hurt my right knuckles, my right butt cheek and spilt my tea everywhere!

I cried!

Not from the pain, or the shock of release- I never fall, I’m always balanced.

But from the knowing this was indeed a Divine message.

Which to understand required I look at all perspectives.

I had hurt the knuckles of my leadership and focus fingers, on my masculine hand.

I had bruised, the egoic area that stores anger, fear and guilt, the throne upon which I sit.

At the time I had been thinking about the Munayki rites.

Over the last few days I have heard a few nudges to share them next year.

I have waited, embodied them for seven years, lived and experienced them on all levels.

This has culminated with a message yesterday regarding referral to myself for them, an enquiry about receiving them this morning and a time hop memory that this was an intention in 2018, alongside the arrival of a book the abundance of the Munayki.

What is munay-love, the energy of all things initiated within our bodies through nine indigenous rites, upgrading the body into the homoluminous one.

But this morning the one in focus for myself had been the Creator rite.

The ability to dream in a new World.

My “slip up” suggested I needed more focus and leadership

Taking this into ceremony, I could feel my own fears rising around many things that had occurred of late.

Visualising many dragons removing this darkness from my mind, receiving an immense healing, stepping inside the eye of the dragon I began to see an alternative life waiting for me as I shuffled the Tarot for guidance.

Eyes drawn to my wedding photos, myself vibrant, pure, strong, happy and “in love” I heard “it’s time to welcome love back into your arms” as I glanced at the broken figuring on my mantlepiece.

Aptly named “ I give you my heart” her arms needed repairing in order to hold the love to her body and share it.

Selecting from behind the Two of Swords, the nine of cups poking it’s head out from behind it, I tuned into the unknown card in my hands.

Gazing at the gypsophilas on my table, “baby’s breath” I recalled as a Midwife the feeling of waiting for a Soul to acknowledge it’s body, to accept its purpose here.

Immersed in  the sensation of relief and divine joy when this occurs, I heard “ it’s coming, a breath of new life”

The card was the Two of Cups.

Today observe anything that is coming back round for you.

Be aware of any slip ups that have occurred in order to avoid unnecessary trauma, for the initiation they have been.

Begin to dream in the New World by sharing what you are trying to achieve.

Next year I will be offering many teachings and services forward, like us all, this will require stewardship, focus and leadership, of ourselves primarily.

May we all recognise the life we breathed ourself into and our purpose within the rites of love.

In deepest munay



What World are you dreaming in for 2022

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