Weekly guidance

Do you believe in Magic?

This week’s video ( see below) suggests we look at the illusions around us, ourselves included.

We collectively find ourselves in a Spiritual standoff this week between how we choose to see our own light, our magic and what or how we decide to manifest.

Anything is possible this week, with the next moon cycle we are being asked to be cautious and aware of our emotional mind and the impact on our beliefs, not just Christmas, but our very connexion to our own spirit.

What is for us, doesn’t pass us by, it is time to look at what we are re-cycling, where it is from, by observing what we are consuming, especially in regard to our own stories and the perceived sacrifices behind them.

What gifts are we passing forward and how, if unsure we are being asked to seek outside guidance as needed and act on clear messages that demand belief and hope for a more efficient result, knowing that true creation comes from collaboration, not through “making something relevant in order to work” but recognising the Divine plan, especially over the next twelve weeks!

It is our own understanding or need to know that destroys any magic this week, we are being directed to remain open to the wonder, in order to merge our consciousness and sub consciousness to move forward in collective union.

Many will be leaving the hamster wheel this week, if we allow this healing to occur, we will recognise we are exactly where we need to be in every given moment.

By observing any battles within in regard to our own power, pausing for these to come into focus, we can truly unite all aspects of our own Sacred heart, the three-fold flame of who we are and the expanded vision for us all.

By looking at our own burdens and the views we have around them, we can see the reluctance of seeing who we really are, what is real for us and the peace available in this knowing.

If we realise our “home-work,” what we are here to create and how aligned we actually are to this, we can become our own Justice.

The World is waiting for us to deliver something new, by listening to the songs we sing, the buck stops here, there is no different answer, no matter how much we wish this were the case, it is only by looking at any questions we have had around this and our power that the guidance we have been seeking will arrive.

In deepest munay



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Have you lost your Magic?

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